Community Trailers

Junee Community Events Trailer

A trailer, containing 100 folding chairs, 10 6″ Trestle Tables and 6 marquees (with walls, floors and accessories), that will be available to not-for-profit Community Groups and sporting clubs, based, or operating, within Junee Shire for use at local events and festivals.

The Events Trailer is managed by Junee Business and Trades Inc

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Junee Can-Do Recycling Trailer

Junee Can-Do Recycling Trailer
The Junee Can-Do Recycling Trailer is available to Not-for-Profit Community and Sporting groups, based, or operating, within Junee shire to use at their local events and festivals so attendees can easily dispose of their single use plastic bottles and cans, helping reduce litter around the event precinct. Once the festival or event has concluded, the trailer can be simply towed to a Return & Earn depot to cash in the empties to earn funds for the local community groups and sporting clubs.

The Can-Do Recycling Trailer is managed by Junee Business and Trades Inc

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Illabo Portable Grandstand

Illabo Portable Grandstand (Image is an indication only — final product may differ)
The Illabo Portable Grandstand can be deployed to activities, festivals and sporting events occurring with Junee Shire.

Features of the Illabo Portable Grandstand include:

  • Seating for up to 180
  • 2 Aisles for easy access
  • 4 Wheelchair spaces (complies with the Disability Discrimination Act policy of equal access to all patrons who use the grandstand)
  • Sturdy aluminium seats and foot boards
  • Includes vertical guard rails and skirts at rear and side
  • Can fit in most locations, with 3.5m height, Seating Length 12.2m (overall length including two hitch 13.4m)

The Illabo Portable Grandstand will be available for use by Community Groups, Schools and Sporting Clubs, based, or operating, within Junee Shire. A small hire fee will apply as the Portable Grandstand requires a an authorised trained supervisor to oversee the setup and pack up. It can be set or packed up in approximately 90 minutes.

Due to limited mobility and its’ size, it is strongly recommended that the Portable Grandstand is one of the first, if not the actual first, item to be setup at your event and the last item packed up.

The Illabo Portable Grandstand is managed by Gasworks Motorsports Inc.

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Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal
The Junee Community Events Trailer was made possible thanks to funding received from the Foundation of Rural and Regional Renewal’s (FRRR) Investing in Rural Community Futures Fund (IRCF).

The Junee Can-Do Recycling Trailer was made possible thanks to funding received from the Foundation of Rural and Regional Renewal’s (FRRR) Strengthening Rural Communities fund.


NSW Government
The Junee Portable Grandstand was made possible thanks to funding received through the NSW Government’s ClubGRANTS Category 3 Infrastructure Grant.

Looking for other Shared Resources

A number of local organisations have made a diverse range of resources, including tablecloths, display accessories, projectors and Audio Visual equipment, available to not-for-profit community groups and sporting clubs, either free of charge or at a low hire cost.

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    • The trailer may only be towed by a vehicle registered in New South Wales and the towing vehicle must have full compressive insurance

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    • The hiring organisation MUST be incorporated and their public liability and other relevant insurance paid up to date for the current financial year. (Check with your insurer prior to booking)

    • While the above named organisation hires the trailer, that organisation is fully responsible for the trailer and contents during that period

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