Junee Can-Do Recycling Trailer

Junee Can-Do Recycling Trailer
The Junee Can-Do Recycling Trailer is available to Not-for-Profit Community and Sporting groups, based, or operating, within Junee shire to use at their local events and festivals, so attendees can easily dispose of their single use plastic bottles and cans, helping reduce litter around the event precinct.

Once the festival or event has concluded, the trailer can be simply towed to a Return & Earn depot (eg IGA in Junee) to cash in the empties to earn funds for the local community groups and sporting clubs.

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Tips on maximising fundraising efforts

Junee Can-Do Recycling Trailer Accessories
  1. Use the included A-Frame to promote which organisation is collecting the single use drink bottles and cans
  2. List how the raised funds will be used. If you have a specific project, list that eg “raising funds for new uniforms for the Junee Quidditch Team” sounds better than just “a fundraiser for the Junee Quidditch Team”
  3. Have your public address announcements continuously mention the Junee Can-Do Recycling Trailer is available on site for collecting ALL single use cans and bottles and “that every cent from the cans assists organisation XYZ to raise much needed funds”
  4. Use the included accessories (gloves, ‘nippers’ pick up tool and baskets) to go around and collect all the empty single use cans and bottles lying about. Even go through the regular garbage cans to grab the bottles and cans. Work in pairs — one to hold the basket open and another to pick up the empties. If your organisation has a uniform, wear the uniform at the event, while collecting the empty bottles and cans
  5. Have a competition or two: if you have children helping collect the empties from around the event, have a competition to see which team can collect the most cans and bottles from around the venue. Paint a 1.25L bottle gold, or cover it in foil, and then hide it in a bin with other rubbish on top… who ever finds that bottle, along with say 20 other empty cans or bottles wins a special prize
  6. If you are the Event or Festival Organisation, you may wish to invite another community group to have the Junee Can-Do Trailer at your event (saves you having to find even more volunteers to go around collecting the empties — see above)
  7. Plan to have the Junee Can-Do Recycling Trailer placed in a prominent location at your event, so people can easily see and find it and then place their empty bottles and cans straight in to. Close to to your food stalls, drinks stands or eating area could all be good locations
  8. Take photos of people placing their empties in the trailer — then post to social media either during the event, using a hashtag for the event
  9. Post some of the photos after the event and let everyone know how much you raised eg: Thanks to the public’s efforts, the Junee Quidditch Team raised over $250 by recycling empty cans and bottles at the Tri-Wizard Cup last week. This will allow us to purchase new shirts for the team! — it will help build awareness of the Junee Can-Do Recycling Trailer and hopefully people will start looking for it at your next event!
  10. Prior to the event, promote on social media that your organisation will be using the Junee Can-Do Recycling Trailer to raise funds for a particular project — this will help raise awareness so people look for the trailer
  11. Book in advance — we envisage the Junee Can-Do Trailer will be used at many local events, sporting games, and festivals. Ensure you submit an Expression of Interest form as soon as possible to secure your prefered date.


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Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal
The Can-Do Recycling Trailer was made possible thanks to funding received from the Foundation of Rural and Regional Renewal’s (FRRR) Strengthening Rural Communities fund.