Pete’s Hobby Railway

Pete’s Hobby Railway is a small 2-ft (610mm) gauge railway located on private property at Junee in southern NSW (Australia). Locomotives, steam and diesel, formerly used in the cane field tramways of Queensland, have found a new home in Junee.

In order to help out in the promotion of Junee as the “1870s railway town”, Pete, with the assistance of his volunteers, has undertaken to demonstrate Pete’s Hobby Railway during various festivals and events held in Junee throughout the year, especially Rhythm n Rail.

Unfortunately, owing to the specific requirements of the Rail Safety National Law 2012 (NSW), Peter is NOT permitted to open Pete’s Hobby Railway for public inspection and/or rides.

However, visitors will be welcome to view and photograph Pete’s Hobby Railway, but from the street only – operating at times that may be advertised (such as during Junee’s Rhythm n Rail Festival). At other times, the railway, including the replica 1915 era country railway station, can still be viewed and photographed from the street, however locomotives and trains may not be visible.

Pete’s Hobby Railway is always on the look-out for volunteers to assist with the restoration and maintenance of the locomotives and rolling stock, maintenance and development of the track, and to help operate the railway on operational days.