Australia Day 2022 Community Grants


Australia Day
Reflect. Respect. Celebrate.
We’re all part of the story
Junee Shire Council hosts our local Australia Day Awards ceremony each year; and in conjunction with a number of local businesses and community groups, have hosted the “Jail Break Fun Run” (until COVID restrictions temporarily suspended it) and even hosted a Novelty Pool Challenge a couple of years ago.

Old Junee regularly host a friendly Australia Day Cricket Match — maybe other organisations across Junee Shire might wish to consider hosting an Australia Day event of their own… plus apply for some funding…

The National Australia Day Council, with assistance of the Australian Government, is making available, through the Australia Day 2022 Community Grants Program, grants of between $10,000 – $20,000 (GST exclusive), for the purpose of assisting eligible event organisers to ensure Australia Day 2022 events proceed despite the social and economic difficulties that have been experienced as a result of COVID-19. If the event includes strong recognition of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples, then up to an additional $10,000 (GST exclusive) is also available.

These grants will support events that allow communities to come together and reflect, respect and celebrate the individual and collective efforts of Australians who put the wellbeing of others before themselves, supported their communities in a time of need and rose to the challenges of an extraordinary year — because we’re all part of the Story of Australia.

Local, state and territory government entities, entities that are part of the Australia Day Network and Australian not-for-profit organisations are eligible to apply for this grant opportunity.

Australia Day Messaging

It is a condition of receiving a grant under the Program that the message of Reflect. Respect. Celebrate. We’re all part of the story, which is promoted through NADC available collateral. Successful applicants must:

  1. clearly use the Australia Day Designs in equal proportion to other branding and marketing used on the day.
  2. display the Australia Day Designs at an event or in a public space and
    use the Australia Day Designs up to and on Australia Day 2022.
  3. Applicants are strongly encouraged to support local businesses in the manufacturing and printing of promotional items displaying the Australia Day Designs.

What can be funded

Funding may be used by successful applicants toward most elements of running an event and associated costs for planning an alternative ‘Plan B’ celebration.

Applicants planning an event that is intended to be face-to-face are encouraged to also plan a virtual alternative that enables them to pivot swiftly in the event of last minute changes to local public health COVID restrictions to still deliver a celebration to their community. All costs incurred for either event will be eligible provided one or the other event is held. If neither event is held the applicant will no longer be eligible for the grant and will be required to repay any grant funds received.

Examples of eligible costs include but are not limited to:

  • Planning, preparing for and running Virtual Events (including Plan B events)
    • Costs for pre-recording awards or entertainment
    • Artist / Talent fees – eg celebrity host, musical, theatrical, artistic contribution to the event.
    • Online hosting and web content development
    • Fees for virtual event platforms
  • Delivery costs for sending Promotional Merchandise (using NADC Australia Designs) or awards to attendees / recipients.
  • Face-to-face Event Costs
    • Professional photography / videography services*
    • Catering
    • Promotional material / merchandise using Australia Day Designs.
    • Artist / Talent fees – eg celebrity host, musical, theatrical, artistic contribution to the event.
    • Venue fees
    • Equipment Hire
    • Public safety costs
      • additional cleaners
      • additional cleaning supplies including soap and hand sanitizer
      • safety cleaning officer (COVID Marshall)
      • physical barriers and guides
      • food service (i.e touchless payment options, limit sharing items)
      • modified layouts, seating setup
      • event ticketing systems
      • contact identifying staff and/or technology
      • staff COVID safe training
      • additional public restrooms
      • fencing to control attendee numbers
      • increased transport options
      • increased food and water distribution areas
      • Personal Protective Equipment
      • COVID-19 signage

    * Applicants will be required to provide good quality promotional images of their events. Applicants that do not have the appropriate skills or equipment to take quality photos or videos themselves may spend up to $2,000 of their grant funding on a professional photographer or videographer. The NADC encourage applicants to support service providers in their local community.

    Eligible activities
    Eligible activities include any public event and alternative virtual event that will take place on Australia Day 2022. The event can be an existing or new event. Events could include, but are not limited to the following categories:

    • fireworks
    • live entertainment
    • family friendly
    • novelty and special Interest
    • flag raising ceremony
    • community awards
    • food & BBQ
    • art & culture
    • citizenship
    • sporting
    • ambassadors
    • community event
    • multi faith ceremony
    • an online engagement

    Australia Day events should promote the message of Reflect. Respect. Celebrate. We’re all part of the story through NADC Australia Day Designs (see the grant guidelines for more information).

    Additional $10,000 funding for strong recognition Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
    Applicants can apply for an additional $10,000 toward any costs incurred to ensure a strong recognition of Aboriginal and / or Torres Strait Islander peoples is included. A Welcome to, or Acknowledgment of, Country would not suffice — these should already be part of all events.

    Applicants applying for this additional funding must demonstrate additional activities that reflect on and celebrate the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history in a culturally appropriate way.

    The additional elements that are most appropriate for each community will differ and should be considered in consultation / collaboration with the local Aboriginal and / or Torres Strait Islander community.

    Examples include but are not limited to:

    • smoking ceremonies
    • cultural walks
    • Indigenous foods and plants
    • local Aboriginal and /or Torres Strait Islander speakers, musicians and artists art or crafts displays, murals and art projects
    • celebration of culture through inclusion of language, music, storytelling, dance readings of historical documents

    Apply for Australia Day 2022 Community Grant

    Applications close November 19, 2021.

    Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application within 20 business days after the closing date. Successful applicants must complete their Australia Day 2022 events(s) by January 26, 2022.

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    Junee Australia Day Awards 2022

    ps: Nominations for the Junee Australia Day Awards are currently open.

    Categories include:

    1. Citizen of the Year
    2. Young Citizen of the Year
    3. Sports Award
    4. Junior Sports Award
    5. Volunteer Team of the Year

    To make a nomination, download the Junee 2022 Australia Day Nominations form from Junee Shire Council Australia Day page.

    Here at Junee Community Network we are aware of many of the not-for-profit community organisations and sporting clubs based, or located, within Junee Shire have managed to achieve some amazing results over the last year or so — despite the setbacks and limitations various health orders that were in place due to COVID. We encourage each and every one of these groups to nominate for the Volunteer Team of the Year award. Self-nominations are quite acceptable — You know better than most what exactly your group has achieved!

    Likewise, we are very much aware of the incredible contributions individuals have made towards the improvement of their local organisation(s) and often the wider Junee community — we encourage the committees and individual members to consider who these wonderful people are and then nominate them for either the Citizen of the Year or the Young Citizen of the Year awards.

    Nominations for the Sports Award and the Junior Sports Award can be either an Individual or an Entire Team! Again, our various sports teams are in an ideal position to consider individuals who they could nominate — alternatively, teams may wish to nominate themselves or a particular Age Category from their team.

    ps: Not to be cynical, but even nominations for, let alone winning, a local Australia Day Award — for a Group/Team OR even an Individual from within your group — can often look good in a grant application under the “List your purpose, goals and achievements” section.



    BONUS: Resources for Planning A Community Event

    Even if you don’t want to apply for funding for an Australia Day event, the National Australia Day Council has a huge collection of really good free resources that can help you plan, and improve, your own celebrations, events and festivals.

    There are downloadable PDFs, Word Documents and links to other resources.

    Topics covered include:

    1. Planning
      • Australia Day Branding Kit — An great example of a brand guideline document
      • Event Ideas — Brainstorm ways to create events that engage a range of people, what they would value, and what they would enjoy
      • Engaging with Youth — Some ideas to get them involved in your community events.
      • Inclusive events — Australia is a dynamic, and multicultural nation. It’s important to reflect this in the way we celebrate our events.
      • Sponsorship — Sponsorship provides key support for celebrations, events and festival, making a difference to the shape and scale of your event.
      • Risk Management — Learn how to identify risks and outcomes and take steps to control their consequences when planning a community event.
      • Volunteers — Volunteers play a vital role in many community events,
      • Merchandise — Can give you some ideas of merchandise you could use, and/or sell at your own events; either with an “Australian” theme or your own
      • Research — Research your local community to create event that is right for them.
    2. Promotion
      • Promoting Your Event — Ideas and templates you could adapt for yourselves
      • Templates — Includes Event Invitations (Formal and informal), Menu, Program, Name Plate, Name Tag and Event Organiser Runsheet
      • Media — How to work with your local media to help promote and publicise your event.
    3. At the Event
      • Catering — At many events, different groups experience difficulties obtaining appropriate food. Some tips on how to plan for a variety of dietary requirements
      • Photography — There are some requirements to keep in mind if you plan to display, use or publish photographs from your event.
      • Snapchat Geofilter — Create a personalised Snapchat Geofilter for your event. It’s a fun way for people to capture their experience.
    4. Post Event
      • Evaluation and Reporting — We can all learn from experience and identify where things can be improved for future events.
      • Reporting Template — A reporting tool to help identify where things can be improved for future events.

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