Australia Post Community Grants (2022)


Australia Post are providing grants of up to $10,000 for local projects that connect individuals and communities to help improve mental health and mental wellbeing. Projects are eligible where:

  • the primary purpose of the project is to improve mental health and mental wellbeing outcomes of a community
  • the project will help people meaningfully connect in their local community for improved mental health and mental wellbeing outcomes
  • the project is a locally-led and locally-delivered project that aims to improve mental health and mental wellbeing outcomes of a community.



Applications will only be considered if the applicant organisation meets ALL of the criteria below.

  1. Are an incorporated not-for-profit organisation
  2. Have an Australian Business Number (ABN) with the registration reflecting the organisation’s incorporated not‑for‑profit status
  3. Have an Australian bank account (corresponding to the ABN)
  4. Are located and provide services within Australia

Additional project eligibility criteria apply — be sure to read the grant guidelines to determine your eligibility.

What can be funded

The 2022 Australia Post Community Grants program aims to support community-led, local projects that connect individuals and communities to improve mental health and mental wellbeing. 

Funds must be spent on activities with the primary purpose of directly improving connection and mental wellbeing of individuals within a community. This allows for a great diversity of projects, as every community is different. Most important is that the project seeks to connect members of your community around an identified local need.

We’re looking to fund community-led, local projects that connect individuals and communities to improve mental health and mental wellbeing.
Items and activities that may be funded include, but are not limited to:

  • Communications, including website setup, online forums, newsletters and advertising
  • Equipment, supplies or materials, including electronic equipment (e.g. tools, computers and tablets)
  • Project evaluation
  • Outreach and referral support
  • Program coordination and facilitation
  • Refreshments (excluding alcohol)
  • Skills development, training and workshops
  • Travel costs for participants
  • Venue hire, including furniture hire/purchase

Australia Post are willing to fund reasonable project related administrative costs relative to the project, within the grant amount.

Whilst they recognise the valuable role that sport and recreational activities can play in creating positive mental health outcomes, applications relating to sporting activities will only be considered where the project intentionally drives improved mental health and wellbeing that extends beyond regular programming.

Check out the Past Recipients to see the types of projects that have been funded previously under the Australia Post Community Grants.

A Couple of Quick Tips

  1. You DO NOT have provide quotes for proposed expenditure — however, you will be asked for evidence (such as statistics, council plans, research, news articles) that demonstrates the issue the project addresses will resonate with the community AND you MUST HAVE A BUDGET that includes an income and expenditure summary!
    Your budget must itemise all expected expenses relating to your project (including administrative expenses), and the proposed funding source for each expense. This includes project expenses that are not planned to be funded by the Australia Post Grant.
    Your budget must also list all sources of funding for your project, including those that are not yet confirmed, to demonstrate that you have planned a balanced budget. Your project income and expenses must match (i.e. all proposed expenses must have an identified funding source).
    See the FAQs for more details
  2. Australia Post receive more applications than they can fund for a $10,000 grant. They see many projects with great potential to engage local communities that could benefit from a smaller amount of funds for a scaled down project, so they’ll be considering a small number of projects for a $2,000 grant. You’ll be asked on the application form if you’d like to be considered for this opportunity. You will not need to complete an additional application. Please note that they will look at the full application in making decisions regarding this allocation of funds.

Apply for a 2022 Australia Post Community Grant

Applications close July 3, 2022. Applicants will be notified of outcomes in September 2022.

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