Clubgrants Category 3 Infrastructure Grants – November 2021 Round


The NSW Government offers grants to communities across NSW to support the building, renovation and fit-out of infrastructure. Funding is available for arts and cultural infrastructure, sport and recreation infrastructure and projects that assist communities with essential infrastructure and disaster readiness.

The November 2021 round of the Clubgrants Category 3 Infrastructure Grants has four streams:

  • Arts & Culture: $50,000 to $200,000 available per project
  • Community Infrastructure: $10,000 to $200,000 available per project
  • Disaster Readiness: $10,000 to $200,000 available per project
  • Sport & Recreation: $50,000 to $300,000 available per project

The objective of the Clubgrants Category 3 Infrastructure Grants program is to fund the costs of construction, alteration, renovation, completion and fit-out of buildings and community infrastructure to deliver outcomes for disadvantaged NSW communities including regional, remote and drought-affected areas, culturally and linguistically diverse, disability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and communities affected by bushfires.

The Infrastructure Grants can be used for costs such as construction, the purchase of capital equipment and professional fees. Examples of projects range from local sports ground facilities, public swimming pools, children’s play areas, museums, art galleries, theatres and upgrades to evacuation centres, or community welfare infrastructure that supports youth, mental health or homelessness services.

Looking at past recipients, organisations in Junee Shire may wish to look at the Arts and Culture stream to be used for;

  • Creation of Outdoor Art Features
  • Commissioning of Silo Art at Illabo, Marinna and/or Old Junee (We understand the Junee and Harefield silos are classified as “operational” sites, so are NOT eligible for Silo Art works projects)
  • Establish a Community Arts Studio and Gallery
  • Refurbish a vintage sleeping carriage to create a local tourist attraction
  • Install Audio Visual (Speakers, Mics, Audio mixer, Projector, BluRay Player) and Stage Lighting systems in Community Halls to hold arts and cultural events
  • Outfit a trailer to create an Open Air Theatre
  • Upgrade and Fit out a Heritage Centre and Museum

Community Halls and other groups may wish to consider the Community Infrastructure stream to look at projects like:

  • Construction of a expanded Scout and Community Hall
  • Install Solar Panels and Battery Banks on Community Halls and Buildings
  • Rainwater tanks for irrigation and/or with drinking water filters attached to designated taps
  • Installation of outdoor LED energy efficient lighting
  • Purchase a Wheelchair modified vehicle (or a baby seat enabled vehicle)
  • Upgrade buildings, sheds and amenity blocks
  • Re-establishment of a FoodBank storage and preparation facilities

The Disaster Readiness stream could be used to;

  • Upgrade, replace, or add additional emergency service vehicles
  • Upgrade emergency services buildings and sheds
  • Install Solar Panels and Battery Banks, along with Emergency power generators
  • Rainwater tanks with drinking water filters attached to designated taps
  • Installation of PA systems in Community Halls, along with a projector connected to Free-to-air set-top box to monitor latest emergency announcements

Sporting Clubs will certainly want to check out the Sports and Recreation stream to consider projects like:

  • Upgrading Club buildings and surrounds
  • Constructing new amenities blocks
  • Installing (solar powered, with battery bank) LED Floodlighting on fields and courts
  • Construction or renovations of Grandstands and viewing/shade structures (We’ve mentioned Felton Industries in the past — have a look at their website for ideas)
  • Re-development or expansion of courts, grounds and fields
  • Refurbishment, extension or installation of irrigation systems and rainwater tanks

Be sure to check out all the past recipients (especially the July 2021 and then the March and September 2020 recipients) for even more ideas on projects that could potentially be funded for Junee Shire based community groups and sporting clubs.

Local Organisations funded in July 2021 Round

Gasworks Motorsport Inc received $125,000 funding under the Sports and Recreation stream to Upgrade the Spectator Facilities at Illabo Motorsport Park!

Rotary Club of Junee received $200,000 funding under the Community Infrastructure stream for the Installation of AV Equipment in Community Meeting Rooms!

Re-apply, if you submitted an application in previous rounds!

If you submitted an application under previous rounds, we strongly recommend you review it, update anything you think can be improved and then re-submit your project.

You just never know — your project may have only missed out by a point or two from been successful last round!

Don’t let all that work go to waste — RESUBMIT YOUR PROJECT in this round!

The AV Equipment for Community Meeting Rooms project, mentioned above, had been submitted to a couple of different grants, including previous rounds of the ClubGrants Infrastructure Grant… and was finally approved in the last round! So it does pay to persevere, review, amend and re-submit your exisiting grant applications!

Perhaps consider if your project may have a better chance of successful approval by changing the stream you apply under??? There appears to have been no projects approved under the Disaster Readiness stream in the July 2021 round, but an increased number of projects approved under the Sports and Recreation, and the Community Infrastructure steams.

Junee Community Network can put you in touch with some independent reviewers to run a quick eye of your exisiting application(s) and who might be able to provide some advice on potential improvements or changes. Just drop us an email with a brief (1-2 paragraphs) overview of your project and we’ll try and match you with an appropriate reviewer.

Apply for Clubgrants Category 3 Infrastructure Grants — November 2021 Round

This round opens on November 1, 2021 and closes on November 22, 2021.

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