Community Hall Grant From Essential Energy (March 2021)


Essential Energy
Just a quick heads up about a small $200 (Yes, that’s two hundred dollars) grant available from Essential Energy for Community Halls.

Yes, it is a small amount, but the application process takes almost less time than it’ll take to read this post (unless you need to visit your Hall to grab the National Meter Identifier (NMI) — you can also see it on your Hall’s energy bill)… and EVERY Dollar in YOUR HALL’s coffers can help towards one general maintenance project or another — get some painting done, fix those doors or windows that have been sticking, or even perhaps simply install energy efficient light globes.

Apart form the NMI, your hall will have to have its’ own dedicated bank account (which you should have anyway). You’ll also need to show that the hall is used for community functions, events, meetings and other community focused activities… most, if not all, of the Community Halls in Junee Shire are used by multiple community groups or for community events.

NOTE: Halls located on school, showground or church grounds are, unfortunately, NOT eligible. Same for halls directly managed by local, state or federal governments (but those administered by a Council 355 committee ARE eligible)

Apply Now

Applications close Midnight, March 28, 2021.

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