Crown Reserves Improvement Fund (2022/2023)


The Crown Reserves Improvement Fund provides financial support for the development, maintenance and improvement of Crown reserves.

Crown land managers, reserve user groups, and all NSW showground managers are invited to apply for the 2022-23 Crown Reserves Improvement Fund (CRIF) Program.

This years’ round of the Crown Reserves Improvement Fund supports asset improvements on Crown reserves by providing funding for:

  1. repairs and maintenance projects
  2. pest and weed control
  3. new recreational infrastructure

The funding aims to benefit the community, boost our economy and contribute to the cultural, sporting and recreational life of NSW.

Objectives of the program

The objectives of the Crown Reserves Improvement Fund 2021/2022 program are to:

  1. maintain and develop recreational and tourism facilities on public reserves for community use and enjoyment, and support new tourism opportunities
  2. facilitate initiatives that enhance the operational sustainability of the Crown Land Manager (via reducing ongoing costs, increasing revenue or improving governance)
  3. manage and renovate infrastructure and other assets on public reserves to optimise value to the community and comply with regulatory obligations, in particular to ensure public safety and work health and safety is maintained on Crown reserves
  4. enhance environmental assets by supporting conservation initiatives, bushfire management and invasive species (pest and weed) control on public reserves
  5. support renewable energy use, energy efficiency, water efficiency and environmentally sustainable practices that work towards net zero emissions (new in 2021-22)
  6. support the important role that volunteers play in the ongoing management of Crown land
  7. to promote greater inclusion of Aboriginal communities and interests through co-management, cultural heritage recognition and education (new in 2021-22)
  8. to assist in building resilience and restoring community amenity following adverse events (eg public health closures, bushfire, floods, drought)
  9. upgrade and renovate showground infrastructure to support regional communities, groups and associations
  10. improve walking and cycling access through Crown reserves, including providing new connections between reserves (e.g. alignment to NSW Government’s Greener public spaces initiative


Crown land managers of any NSW Crown reserve are eligible to apply to the CRIF. If you are not the authorised land manager you must provide signed written approval to apply from the manager — if applying for multiple reserves, every land manager must give approval.

User groups and individuals with an interest in Crown reserves, Crown caravan and state parks, showgrounds (including freehold) can all apply. For your application to be eligible, user groups must obtain a letter of authority from the official Crown land manager supporting their application. Note that if successful, funding will be paid to the Crown land manager.

NOTE: To ensure your application is eligible the person entering the application MUST BE either:

  1. an authorised person of the Reserve’s Crown land Manager, OR
  2. an interested party AND submit evidence of support signed by an authorised person from the list in Table 1 found in the FAQ document.

Applications that do not comply with the above will be ineligible.

Previous Recipients

As always, with any grant, we strongly recommend you look at the past recipients of the grant for ideas of successful projects that you could replicate.

In the 2020/2021 round, at least four Crown Reserves located within Junee Shire received funding, including:

  • Junee Reefs Public Hall Land Manager received $23,204 for the replacement of the tank and guttering, in addition to required painting at the Junee Reefs Public Hall.
  • Junee Showground Land Manager received $25,394 for the renovation of the food preparation areas and the installation of a screen in the Lord Pavilion at Junee Showground.
  • Dirnaseer Public Hall Land Manager received $26,595 to upgrade of access ramp, pathway, lighting, doorways, awnings, windows and signage at the Dirnaseer Memorial Hall.
  • Old Junee Reserve, through Crown Lands Wagga Wagga, received $13,600 to control weeds on the Old Junee Reserve.

In the 2021/2022 round, the Junee Showgrounds received $65,965 for much needed electrical upgrades across the Showground precinct.

Apply Now for Crown Reserves Improvement Fund (2022/2023)

Applications close June 3, 2022. Successful projects will be announced in November.

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