GrainCorp Community Fund — February 2023


GrainCorp Community Fund
A Shared Passion
GrainCorp seek to support the communities they operate within, to their local endeavours to develop, renew, recover and thrive.

Their grants program provides financial support to organisations and projects that contribute to the development and promotion of those communities.

GrainCorp know that sporting clubs and community events are the lifeline of many smaller regional and rural communities.

That’s why their sponsorships program is designed to specifically support regional sporting clubs and community events to ensure social inclusion and positive health outcomes for their employees, customers, and broader communities.

Sponsorships are awarded as a financial contribution, in exchange for promotion of the GrainCorp brand or services.

There are two types of activities that GrainCorp fund:

  1. Community-related programs & activities (Maximum funding limit: $5,000)
  2. Community infrastructure projects (Maximum funding limit: $20,000)

Sponsorships Eligibility

To be eligible for GrainCorp’s Community Foundation Sponsorship program, your application must address the following guiding principles:

  • Applications must be for a club or event located within an area where GrainCorp operates (which includes Junee Shire);
  • Applications must contain activation plans that recognise GrainCorp’s support;
  • Where possible, applications may provide engagement opportunities for GrainCorp employees;
  • Applications must demonstrate a direct connection with community development; and
  • Applications must be categorised within at least one of GrainCorp’s Community Foundation Pillars of
    1. Infrastructure & Capability
    2. Community Connectedness
    3. Peace of Mind

Every sponsorship application will be assessed on the above principles, to determine whether there is a strategic fit with GrainCorp’s business and broader community program.

Successfully Funded Projects in Junee Shire

Example of 6x3m Marquee with Side Walls and Weights
In the July 2022 round of GrainCorp’s Community Foundation Sponsorship program Junee Business and Trades received $10,000 funding, which will enable them to purchase a number of 6x3m heavy duty marquees (and accessories including Full- and Half-height Walls, Doors and Weights) for use at local community events and festivals.

Another local organisation’s application for $20,000 was also favourably received in the July 2022 round but they were asked to re-apply under the GrainCorp Sponsorship program as GrainCorp felt that the particular project was a better fit under that stream — and the local organisation is considering doing so for their 2023 event.

Apply for a GrainCorp Grant Now

Applications open February 1, 2023 and close February 28, 2023.

Be sure to read the GrainCorp Community Fund Policy 2023 before commencing your application.

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