Regional Event Fund (2020)


The NSW Government and Destination NSW have announced the Regional Event Fund is now open for 2020.

In addition to the Flagship Event Fund, it introduces a new Micro Event Fund for events to be held between May 1 thru December 31, 2020.

The two funding streams now open will offer:

  • Flagship Event Fund — grants of $20,000 to support event marketing activities to attract visitors from outside their immediate regions and drive tourism.
  • Micro Event Fund — one-off grants of $10,000 to community-based events in bushfire or drought-affected areas with total operating budgets of $75,000 or less that have the capacity to bring together local communities, attract visitation and stimulate local economies.

Member for Cootamundra, Steph Cooke MP, said event organisers, associations, councils and community groups across the region would benefit from the targeted events program throughout 2020.

“Events are really important for our communities because they give people the opportunity to visit, stay locally and spend locally,” Ms Cooke said.

“On top of this, events stimulate our local economy through engaging local businesses such as food and beverage and infrastructure suppliers, tradespeople and staff, who all contribute to the delivery of a successful event.

“The regional event funding programs will give organisers a chance to put forward sporting, arts, cultural and lifestyle events that bring an economic and social boost to the Cootamundra Electorate.”

Micro Event Fund 2020

The Micro Event Fund is a new initiative developed as part of NSW’s 2019-20 bushfire and drought recovery program to support smaller, community-based events in Regional NSW areas impacted by bushfire activity or drought conditions. It aims to maintain vibrancy in local communities, encourage visitation and stimulate local economies.

“Micro Events” are defined as community-based events including but not limited to country shows, town festivals including parades, and cultural festivals whose total expenditure budget is approximately $75,000 (excl. GST) or less.

The events must take place between May 1 and December 31, 2020.

Events must submit a detailed and comprehensive expenditure budget with their application that shows all planned expenditure on the event. Grants will not be allocated to applicants that do not include a full budget.

Event operators may be a sole trader, company, incorporated association, or trust entity. Event operators must hold public liability insurance and must not have any debts to the NSW Government. An ABN is required to be held by the event operator.

Micro Event Fund grants are intended to support the delivery costs of community-based events that have the capacity to encourage the engagement of local residents, create harmony and stimulate local economies by generating appeal to visitors from outside the host destination.

Grants must be used for the delivery of the event, including but not limited to:

  • Operational costs
  • Infrastructure costs
  • Marketing costs

The grant is intended to supplement the existing budget or replace revenue lost from the impact of bushfires and/or drought conditions.

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Event Ideas

Part of the funding criteria states that the event;

  1. Can demonstrate an ability to engage and harmonise the local community
  2. Can demonstrate an ability to stimulate the local economy
  3. Has the potential to attract visitors from outside the local community.

Pre-exisiting events based in Junee Shire like Christmas on Broadway, Bricktastic, Rhythm n Rail, Junee Show and Illabo Show, along with the Vintage Speedway events held at Illabo Motorsports Park, most likely demonstrate these criteria and should seriously consider apply for funding.

There are plenty of events ideas for the “Next BIG THING” to encourage tourist to visit and stay in Junee.
The Community Halls and other organisations could consider some of the following ideas;

  • Model Planes, Trains and Automobiles, and other Hobby Show
  • Open House Tours — Showcase local Heritage Homes and Gardens
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Pet Shows and competitions(*)
  • Live Theatrical Performances (see Arts on Tour for some awe-inspiring shows that are ready to tour. Also check out their Small Scale Touring Productions)
  • Ballet, Musical or Opera
  • Comedy Event or Puppet Show
  • Host a Regional, or themed, Trivia Competition(*)
  • Host a Regional Food and Wine Showcase Event
  • Host a Regional Cooking Competition(*)
  • Hold Giant Car Boot Sale
  • Bush Dance, Formal Gala Ball or even a Youth Disco Dance Competition(*)
  • Themed Music Festival or Battle of the Bands Competition(*)
  • Movie Festival — showcase regional film makers
  • Kite Festival
  • Science Fair
  • Writer’s Festival
  • Conduct an Explorer Club Event — Tour the Canola Trail in a collection historic vehicles or even a double-decker bus

There are endless ideas for small scale events that could encourage visitors to Junee Shire, and the surrounding areas, that may qualify for the Micro Event funding — Let your imagination run wild!!!

Even consider partnering with other local organisations or from surrounding regions like Coolamon, Temora, Cootamundra, Gundagai and Wagga Wagga to make a bigger regional event.

NOTE: (*) Grant funding can NOT be used for Competition Prize Money.

Flagship Event Funds

The Flagship Event Fund, formerly known as the Regional Flagship Events Program, identifies and assists the promotion of events that contribute to the unique character of the tourism regions of NSW and can demonstrate that they attract overnight visitation.

The Flagship Event Fund is open to events held in Regional NSW that have been running for more than two years and offers grants specifically to support marketing activities aimed at increasing visibility and attracting visitation to the event from outside its local area.

The Flagship Event Fund offers two grants:

  • Annual grants of $20,000 (excl. GST); or
  • Triennial grants of $27,500 (excl. GST) in cash and $2,500 (excl. GST) in value-in-kind research services per year, guaranteed for three years.

Flagship Event Fund grants must be expended on marketing initiatives that encourage overnight visitation from outside the region in which the event is occurring, including but not limited to:

  • Advertising or promotional costs
  • Brand design
  • PR activities
  • Website development
  • Social or digital marketing
  • Cooperative marketing activities
  • Photography or videography
  • Visitor research.

Apply for the Regional Event Fund

Applications for both the Micro Event Fund and Flagship Event Fund for 2020 are now open.
Applications must be received no later than Midnight (Sydney time), Wednesday, March 25, 2020.

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