Regional Sport Facility Fund – 2021/2022 Round 2


NSW Office of Sport

The NSW Government, in recognising the critical role local sport infrastructure plays in keeping communities healthy, active and connected, has committed $50 million to the Regional Sport Facility Fund over two-years, helping create spaces and facilities that enable communities to enjoy and take part in sport.

The Fund will support the development of well-designed and utilised new and improved sport infrastructure projects that can directly impact and support participation and performance opportunities in sports at all levels.

The Regional Sport Facility Fund provides grants between $100,000 and $1 million. Eligible projects include lighting, amenity buildings, clubrooms, change rooms and grandstands.

For projects costing $1 million or more, a 25 percent financial co-contribution of the grant amount requested will be required. For all other projects, a financial co-contribution will be considered favourably.

The key objectives of the Fund are to:

  1. increase the number and type of sporting facilities;
  2. improve the standard of existing sporting facilities;
  3. increase participation in sport.

Past Recipients & Feedback to Past Applicants

We can not stress it enough — LOOK at the Past Recipients for ideas on what sort of projects have been funded under previous rounds.

Also, in what we believe to be a first for grant suppliers, the NSW Office of Sport have actually published a 20-page document with feedback and details on why many applicants missed out on receiving funding in Round 1.

READ THE “UNSUCCESSFUL RECIPIENT FEEDBACK” DOCUMENT before applying for ANY grant, but especially if you are considering applying for Round 2 of the Regional Sport Facility Fund.

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Program Information and Application Resources

Be sure to click on ALL the little arrows to the right of each heading on the information page… especially the Program Information and Application Resources section!

Then READ EVERY PAGE of the documents there! These include the Guidelines, Fact Sheet, FAQs, Eligibility Checklist, SSo/NSO Statement of Support, a Budget Template, a Business Case Template, Simplified Business Case Guidelines, Facility Usage Schedule and a Funding Agreement Template.

Yes, there seems to be a lot of information to absorb, but if you understand the guidelines and follow their advice you have a very good chance of obtaining funding for your project!

Apply for Regional Sport Facility Fund — Round 2

Applications close at 12pm, October 8, 2021.

Round 2 is the final round of the program and sporting organisations and councils are urged to apply.

Regional Sport Facility Fund applicants are able to receive support from designated Office of Sport staff. Please contact for assistance and include the name of your local government area.

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