Seniors Festival 2022 Grants Program


The NSW Governments’ Seniors Festival Grants Program provides seed funding to organisations and councils to run local festival programs and activities that provide opportunities for people over 60 to remain active, healthy, engaged and contributing to their local communities.

NSW Seniors Festival Grants support a range of programs and activities, for example:

  • Programs offering access to expert advice, information, tools and resources
  • Free samples of activities during NSW Seniors Festival
  • Opportunities to connect seniors with local organisations and services
  • Outdoor and physically active workshops

Applications can be for small scale, multiple and larger activities throughout the NSW Seniors Festival. Grant applications must propose free or heavily discounted programs or activities for seniors based in NSW.

There are three streams of funding available:
Category 1: Up to $1,000 for small-scale local community programs and activities.
Category 2: $1,001 – $5,000 for larger local community programs and activities.
Category 3: $5,001 – $10,000 to local government organisations only to hold large scale community and regional programs and activities.

Not-for-Profit Organisations, Charitable Organisations, and Public Companies Limited by Guarantee, can apply for Category 1 and 2 funding. Local government authorities based in NSW can apply for Category 1, 2 & 3 funding.

Only one application for funding will be accepted per organisation per project.
Up to 50% of catering costs can be funded for Category 1 projects. Catering costs are not funded for Category 2 and Category 3 projects.

Suggestions for Seniors Festival Events

NSW Seniors Festival
Seniors Festival Events can be used by local organisations to operate a small fundraising event, as well allowing our seniors to get out and about to enjoy themselves.

Some project ideas for community organisations, sporting clubs and community halls in Junee Shire might like to consider include:

  • Movie Event — Partner with a Village or Community Hall to hold an movie, with morning (or afternoon) tea served by the Junee Youth Council
  • Come and Try Lawn Bowls Event — Partner with either of the bowling clubs to have a “come and try lawn bowls” day with Junee Rotary providing tea and scones
  • 3-Hole Golf Event — Partner with the Junee Golf Club and have a morning or afternoon with a quick three holes of golf, with CanAssist providing a light lunch
  • Visit our Museums — Partner with Broadway Museum, the Roundhouse Museum and/or the Living Doll Museum and have guided tours of the venues, followed by light refreshments served by Lions Club
  • Vintage Car Day Trip — Partner with Junee Car Club or Gasworks Motorsports Car Club to have senior passengers chauffeur driven in a historic car and visit a neighbouring town or village for lunch — visit a pub, winery or cafe.
  • Arts and Craft Day — Partner with a local primary school and visit to have an Arts and Crafts Day, where the Seniors assist the students with a craft, or vice versa
  • Book Club — Partner with any of the churches in Junee Shire and have a book club event
  • Have a BBQ in the Park — Partner with a local junior sporting club to cook a BBQ in Memorial Park or

The ideas are endless, as are the potential partnerships various organisations can form to bring together our seniors and the local community.

Names of “potential partnership” organisations and possible venues were randomly selected and combined as EXAMPLES ONLY. Get in touch with different venues and community organisations to see what is possible!

And don’t forget there are number of “Shared Resources” available for community groups to borrow (or hire at a nominal rate) for use at community events and activities… ps: very soon now, the Junee Events Trailer will be formally launched — it will contain 100 folding chairs, 10 trestle tables and 6 marquees with floors and walls. The Junee Can-Do Recycling Trailer is also available to collect single use cans and plastic bottles to help organisations raise funds.

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All successfully funded projects must be conducted
during the 2022 NSW Seniors Festival
    March 25 — April 3, 2022


Applications close August 30, 2021. Outcomes will be notified in October 2021, with successful funding distributed in November 2021. Project and events to occur during 2022 NSW Seniors Festival March 25 — April 3, 2022.

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