Streets as Shared Spaces


The NSW Government has launched, as part of the NSW Premier’s Priority to increase walkable access to quality open, green and public space in urban areas, the Streets as Shared Spaces program.

The Streets as Shared Spaces program provides one-off grant funding to support local councils to test and pilot new and innovative ideas for streets as safe, shared public spaces. The program will provide funding to quick response demonstration projects and strategic pilots that temporarily adapt streets to support healthier, safe and resilient communities. These temporary measures should support immediate community needs and also test and build the case for more permanent changes.


$15 million in funding has been allocated for the Streets as Shared Spaces program. This funding will be available to eligible councils via a competitive grant process.

Applications may comprise a single project or a group of projects as part of one program.

Category 1: Quick Response Demonstration Projects
Short-term, quick response projects or programs that test, pilot or incubate changes to streets in line with the objectives of the program.

This grant category is valued at up to $100,000 per project and projects must be delivered
and evaluated within three months of funding approval.

Category 2: Pilot Projects
Medium-term pilot projects that improve or activate streets as shared public spaces.

This grant category is valued at up to $1 million per project and can be delivered within a year of funding approval.

Program objectives

The objectives are to:

  • build on the local character and improve the attractiveness of centres and public spaces through innovative and creative approaches (temporary greening/ planting or public art)
  • increase space for safe walking and cycling (such as footpath widening)
  • improve access on foot or bike to key destinations including local centres and public open space (such as a new cycleway)
  • reconfigure streets to support physical health, local business and key workers (such as new parklets or reducing speed)
  • activate high streets to create better quality public space
  • enable long-term changes supported by strategies, the community and stakeholders (such as bringing forward a new public pathway or road closure)
  • establish and commence delivery of projects as early as possible in 2020; and/or
  • ensure the safety of the travelling public, including under the NSW Government’s Road Safety Plan 2021.

Project Ideas

A number of potential projects are suggested, and include, but are not limited to;

  1. Surface treatments like bollards, paint or planter boxes to reallocate vehicle space and widen or extend paths for pedestrians or cyclists, or provide extra space outside businesses for customers to physically distance.
  2. Additional open space like parklets, squares or plazas created by widening the footpath into parking spaces, narrowing a carriageway or temporarily closing a street
  3. Temporary street closures to promote active modes of travel, or once COVID-19 orders are lifted, hold one off pop-up community led events or a regular playstreet to support transition back into public space
  4. Street and intersection safety improvements, such as kerb buildouts, barrier elements, narrowing a carriageway to slow traffic or create a cycle path, rephasing traffic lights, making crossings automatic, setting lower speeds or trialling neighbourhoods with low- traffic volumes
  5. Walkability improvements created by cooling and beautifying streets with landscaping (such as potted trees or flowers) and other temporary place infrastructure
  6. Once COVID-19 orders are lifted, placemaking through programming (busking, dance or exercise classes, intergenerational play areas), and public or community art, seating, wayfinding signage, bike racks and other street furniture

More Information

A comprehensive set of guidelines, case studies, ideas and opportunities have been published on the Streets as Shared Spaces webpage.

A series of webinars will be held to provide more information about the Streets as Shared Spaces program.

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Only local councils may apply for funding.
However, community groups and Council’s s355 Committees may wish to liaise with Council to discuss potential projects.

Applications are due by 5:00 pm, June 10, 2020

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