Supplementary Volunteer Grants (September 2020)


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Under the Australian Governments Supplementary Volunteer Grants, funding of between $1,000 – $5,000 are available to enable volunteer involving organisations to strengthen community functioning by increasing participation in volunteering. A total pool of $748,000 will be available within New South Wales.

The Supplementary Volunteer Grants are designed to support volunteer involving organisations with a high proportion (over 40%) of volunteers to:

  • Help support the efforts of Australia’s volunteers;
  • Help support the inclusion of vulnerable people through volunteering;
  • Encourage, support and increase participation in volunteering;
  • Post COVID-19 re-engagement activities for volunteers; and
  • Adapting practices to support volunteers’ safety in relation to COVID-19.

The intended outcome of the grants is to strengthen community functioning by increasing participation in volunteering.

Assessors will review each grant application based on merit. Applications will be assessed against the two selection criteria, weighted 50% each, as noted below:

  1. Describe the expected outcomes of this project?
  2. Describe how this project will support the volunteers and the work they do for the organisation and broader community.

Volunteer involving organisations can use the small grant for items and activities that support and benefit the organisations volunteers, such as:

  • Small equipment items
  • Transport costs of volunteers with disability
  • Fuel costs incurred by volunteers
  • Training for volunteers
  • Background screening checks of volunteers
  • Documentation requirements
  • Post COVID-19 re-engagement activities for volunteers
  • Adapting practices to support volunteers safety in relation to COVID-19

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Applications close 11:59pm AEST, Sunday, September 20, 2020

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