TransGrid Community Partnership Program


TransGrid Community Partnerships Program
The TransGrid Community Partnerships Program is designed to benefit communities in areas where their assets are located or under development. Through the program, they provide not-for-profit groups with up to $5,000 funding to help deliver initiatives that will have a tangible and lasting impact on local communities.

TransGrid strive to provide lasting benefits to their customers, community and the environment as part of their commitment to building a sustainable future. They do this in a way that demonstrates respect for those who were here before us as well as for future generations.

Preference will be given to initiatives that improve or promote public safety, wellbeing, health, education or the environment.

As always, it is strongly recommend you look at past recipients of the Transgrid Community Partnerships Program to get an idea of the types of projects they support.

Note: All applicants must have an ABN.

Applications close Friday, May 1, 2020

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