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Cahli Wall appointed IRCF Facilitator for Junee

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Cahli Wall -- IRCF Facilitator for Junee
Cahli Wall — IRCF Facilitator for Junee
Junee not-for-profits (NFPs) will now have a set of helping hands to assist in the development, implementation and evaluation of projects suggested as part of the Investing in Rural Community Futures (IRCF) program, with the appointment of a local facilitator — Cahli Wall.

Cahli lives in Junee and is passionate about creating educational opportunities and an inclusive environment for the region’s youth, disadvantaged and other vulnerable community members. She believes the new IRCF program will provide Junee community groups with the important resources and support they need to thrive.

FRRR’s IRCF Program Manager, Alli Mudford, says that the organisation knows from experience how important it is to have someone local on the ground to support organisations in their own community and help turn these ideas into sustainable solutions.

“One thing that we heard loud and clear from the Junee community was how important it is to have local people playing an integral part in this program,” said Ms Mudford. “That’s why we are delighted to have Cahli Wall joining the team as Junee’s community facilitator.”

You can read the full press release from FRRR regarding the new IRCF Facilitator position at;
Local facilitator appointed to help Junee turn ideas into reality »

Key Tasks for IRCF Facilitators

  1. Develop and deliver on the Junee IRCF NFP Capacity Plan.
    We will be seeking to liaise with NFP committees and local leaders to ensure the Junee IRCF Road Map evolves to reflect the needs of our locally gov NFP sector. If you haven’t had a chance to give feedback on the draft Road Map, it is not too late, please make contact and we can talk through your feedback.
  2. Foster collaboration, resource sharing and learning opportunities to build capacity of the NFP sector.
    Through communication with you about your intentions as an NFP; what you are passionate about, your needs and resources we will aim to identify capacity building partnerships.
  3. Support the Junee communities to develop and implement their capacity building projects.
    We are here to assist you in developing and submitting your capacity building project proposals. Please note: Junee facilitators will not be on the selection panel of Junee projects rather we will be reviewing the projects from the Nambucca Valley and Leeton communities who are working alongside Junee through the IRCF program.
  4. Liaise with the FRRR/IRCF team to help foster an understanding of ongoing and emerging needs, issues and opportunities within the community related to the program goals.
    Each community on the IRCF journey is very different with its challenges, unique personalities and the depth and breadth of not-for-profits that work within its boundaries. Local area facilitators are locally engaged to work with our local NFP community to enable the best possible outcomes from this opportunity.
  5. Assist with evaluation, communications, publicity and reporting on the overall program.
    In June 2020 all IRCF local facilitators will engage in an evaluation process regarding the IRCF program which, carried out by an external body. Evaluation of the program is scheduled to occur every 6months for the life of the program. Local facilitators are also researching and developing the most effective ways to keep the whole Junee locally governed NFP sector up to date with IRCF activities and opportunities. If you have recently changed your contact details please make contact ASAP.

Contacting Cahli

A dedicated phone number and email address have been established for the new IRCF Facilitator position.

Mobile: 0434 943 626

Please note Cahli’s contact hours for IRCF related matters are Monday 9:30am — 2:30pm plus Monday and Wednesday evenings 7:00pm — 9:00pm

Working together

Junee Community Network Site IconNicholas Pyers, Community Liaison Officer from the Junee Community Network, will work closely with Cahli, FRRR, and the 100+ not-for-profit community groups and sporting groups based, or operating, within Junee Shire to achieve the goals of the Investing in Rural Communities Futures project.