Update from the IRCF Meeting

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you to everyone who attended Monday night’s meeting (and to those who sent apologies)

We had about 30-40 different Community and Sporting Groups represented at the meeting.

We discussed the Investing in Rural Community Futures Expression of Interest process, which can be summarised as;

  • A _SINGLE_ Designated Lead Organisation will be required to apply on behalf of the community
  • Expression of Interest to be submitted by Designated Lead Organisation to FRRR by 5pm AEST, Monday October 28, 2019
  • Notification of Outcomes: December 2019
  • Project delivery: January 2020 — June 2023

The Key Priority Areas (People, NFP Structure & Internal Systems, Strategy, and Efficiencies) for Funding were explained. More detail can found in the attached slides in the EOI Guidelines.

A number of potential projects for funding consideration were then discussed by the attendees, including;

  • AV Improvements to “Community Halls” which could include the Village Halls (Dirnaseer, Eurongilly, Illabo, Junee Reefs, Old Junee, and Wantabadgery), the Senior Citizen’s Hall, the Community Centre Activity Hall (old CWA building), and the Ex-Serivces Club.
  • Marketing and Promotion of Village Halls
  • Concession Stand for Athenium Theatre to provide training and experience for youth and unemployed, as well as fundraising opportunities for Community Groups
  • Establish a ‘Community Hub’ to provide a central point to share community resources. There was strong support for working in conjunction with the Junee Community Centre on this project, as well as seeking bigger premises to accommodate the Centre and Hub together.
  • Invest in the Junee Community Circular Fund to allow solar panels to be placed on community buildings (including community halls and sporting amenities buildings)
  • Establishment of an “Arts Group” to encourage use of Athenium Theatre and Community Halls for live stage shows, small productions, performances and concerts
  • Conduct a series of presentations and workshops, including;
    • Finding Grants & Writing Grant Applications
    • Developing Marketing Skills for Community Groups
    • Creating Confident Committees
    • Improved use of Technology by Community Groups and Leadership
  • Provide resources at the Athenium to better facilitate presentations, seminars and workshops; improved movie events; Free-to-Air TV projection for major sporting and cultural events; and public WiFi (internet) hotspot
  • Establish a “Community Event Trailer” with Tables, Chairs and Marquees, for use at community and sporting events. Along with a “Community Recycling Trailer” where event attendees deposit their cans and bottles, which are then redeemed via Return & Earn to raise funds for community and sporting groups
  • Partnering with Junee High School to develop partnerships with local businesses and youth to create work placements and experience. This could also be coupled with the Concession Stand
  • Create programs that encourage youth to volunteer with Community and Sporting Groups and earn points towards JHS ‘Honours System’
  • Implement a Disability Inclusivity Action Plan to better include marginalised individuals in various activities and events
  • Expand JHS’s Family Referral Service Officer role to include the wider community (not just families of high school students)
  • Fund a Community Bus (either through purchase of a dedicated vehicle, or through partnership with Junee Buses or similar) to allow socially or geographically isolated individuals to attend events and activities around Junee Shire
  • Creating a series of cooking and craft programmes to improve socially isolated individuals or families

All the above proposed projects were generally agreed upon by the attendees as having merit for consideration for funding should Junee be successful in securing the $950,000 funding from IRCF, and all met at least 2 or 3 Key Criteria Points

Other projects were discussed, including: Signs at the towns’ entry points promoting the Major Service Clubs and Upcoming Events; Installation of a Baby Seat in one of the Community Transport Vehicles; Ceremonial Place for local Indigenous People; and Completion of sporting ground amenities blocks. While there was support for these projects, unfortunately, it was felt that these did not meet enough, or any, of the Key Criteria Points for funding under IRCF. Alternative funding opportunities will be investigated for these projects.

The need for a _SINGLE_ Lead Organisation to answer the Expression of Interest questions was discussed, with two nominations put forward: Junee Business and Trades, and the Junee Community Centre. The final decision will be made at a meeting next Thursday (October 3) when Alli from FRRR is also visiting (see seperate email about this)

The EOI questions that need to answer are;

  1. Tell us about the not-for-profit sector in your community.
  2. Tell us about your connection with other NFP organisations in your community
  3. What is it you want to do in the Investing in Rural Community Futures program?
  4. Why do you want to do it?
  5. What makes your community strong?
  6. What will make your community stronger?
  7. With the funding and program of work IRCF will provide your community, what will be done and what do you think the key challenges will be?
  8. Who are the NFP partners in this submission, or who are you working with to submit this EOI?
  9. Any other comments or information you would like to add? (Optional)

Attendees were asked to go back to ALL the Community and Sporting Groups they are involved with to;

  • discuss the proposed projects
  • to come up with other potential projects
  • supply suggestions for EOI Questions 5 & 6
  • decide if their group wishes to partner in the submission

Another meeting will be held next Thursday (October 3rd). Alli Mudford from FRRR will be present to answer questions… see the seperate email regarding this.

Attached below are the slides used during the presentation and a copy of the article that appeared in this week’s Junee Southern Cross covering Monday’s meeting.

slides »

A million up for grabs – Junee Southern Cross 26-Sep-2019