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Tier 4 Business Membership:

  • Ideal for businesses with fewer than 20 employees

  • Cost: $195 per annum

  • One-time $25 administration fee in the first year

  • Fee covers setup of new website listing

  • Showcase artwork and attract direct referrals

  • Become a recognized voice in the local community and council

  • Shape events and training programs for business growth

  • Exclusive access to database and events calendar

  • Priority participation in organized events

  • Elevate business visibility, influence, and success

  • Join today to maximize exposure and networking opportunities


Tier 4 Business Membership: Ideal for Businesses with Less than 20 Employees

Unlock the full potential of your business with Tier 4 Business Membership, tailored for enterprises with fewer than 20 employees. Priced at $195 per annum, plus a one-time $25 administration fee in the first year, this membership offers unparalleled benefits. The additional administration fee covers the setup of a new website listing for your business, empowering you to showcase your artwork and attract direct referrals when potential customers search for products and services you offer.


Moreover, as a member, you become a recognized voice within the local community and council, ensuring your concerns are heard and addressed. Participate actively in shaping events and training programs tailored to support your business's growth.Gain exclusive access to our database and events management calendar (conditions apply), enhancing your organizational efficiency and networking capabilities. Enjoy priority participation in organized events such as the annual meet and greet, maximizing your exposure and networking opportunities. Join Tier 4 Business Membership today and elevate your business's visibility, influence, and success within the community.

Tier 4 Membership (Business)

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