5 Reasons Your Organisation Should Switch to Google Drive (or another cloud storage service)


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Every organisation needs to keep documents — be they bylaws, budgets, minutes, agendas or marketing material.

By keeping all the organisation’s materials on a Google Drive (or another cloud storage service), will make it easier for committee members, staff and volunteers to keep track of documents, and not risk losing them when a computer crashes, or someone unexpectedly resigns. More importantly, moving to the cloud is a great way to demonstrate transparency, strengthen institutional memory, conserve resources, collaborate, and display tech-savvy.

Nonprofit Tech for Good has an article entitled “5 Reasons Your Board Should Switch to Google Drive” that cover the following points:

  1. Demonstrate Transparency
  2. Strengthen Institutional Memory
  3. Conserve Resources
  4. Collaborate Outside of Scheduled Meetings
  5. Display Tech Savvy

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