5 Ways to be a More Effective Non Profit Organisation


What does it mean to be a successful and effective nonprofit?

Every nonprofit exists to make the world a better place in their community. From the smallest nonprofit to the largest organization, the definition of success often comes down to one central question: “Did you achieve your mission?”

More than that, though, did you reach the people you set out to serve, and did you do it in a way that enables you to serve well into the future?

Nonprofit leaders often define success in terms of accomplishments like financial viability, donor retention, or program reach. These are important and valuable ways to measure your organization’s impact, but they aren’t the entire story. They don’t reflect how you’ve positioned your organization with a mindset that will equip you for future success and growth.

If you want to be successful and effective in the future, apply these five leadership principles, from Donor Perfect, to adapt to the challenges 2021 is sure to bring.

Topics covered include:

  1. Diversify Your Fundraising Sources
  2. Take an Agile Approach to Decision Making
  3. Develop a Multi-Channel Fundraising Strategy
  4. Map Out Your Engagement Plan
  5. Inspire and Equip Your Board to Fundraise

Each section also has a “Pro Tip”

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