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Institute of Community Directors Australia
In addition to a Constitution (often referred to as Articles of Incorporation), many not-for-profit organisations establish a series of Policies to help guide their Committee or Board, along with members, staff and volunteers in their conduct and decisions.

The Institute of Community Directors Australia, an enterprise of OurCommunity.com.au, have developed over 70 policy templates for use by community groups.

Normally you need to be a paid member of Our Community to access them, but for a limited time they are available to non-members to download and use, as long as it for a non-commercial purpose and that the organisation is not paying a consultant to carry out this work.

Highlighted Policies

As mentioned above, there are over 70 policies available and not every group is going to need all the policies, but here are some we have highlighted that your local community group or sporting club could consider implementing;

  • Board and Committee Policies
    • Governance Policy
    • Board Confidentiality Policy
    • Board Conflict of Interest Policy
    • Board Member Induction Policy
    • Code of Ethics
    • Circular Resolution Policy
    • Policy and Procedures Policy
  • Financial Policies
    • Authority to sign Cheques
    • Petty Cash Policy
    • Reimbursement Policy
    • Credit Card / Financial Transaction Card Policy
    • Acceptable Use of Vehicles & Equipment Policy
  • Volunteer and Staff Policies
    • Employees, Volunteers and Contractors Induction Policy
    • Workplace Health and Safety Policy
    • Injury and Incident Reporting Policy
    • First Aid Policy
    • Anti-discrimination Policy
    • Bullying Policy
    • Sexual Harassment Policy
    • Child Safety Code of Conduct
    • Child Protection Policy
    • Misconduct Policy
    • Complaints Handling Policy
    • Volunteer Management Policy/li>
    • Employment Reference Policy (could be used for basis of a Volunteer Reference Policy
  • Social Media, Email and Copyright Policies
    • Media Relations Policy
    • Social Media Policy
    • Copyright Policy
    • Email Retention and Archiving Policy
    • Acceptable Use of Electronic Media Policy
    • Privacy Policy
    • Acceptable Use of Electronic Media Policy
  • and be sure to include the Knocking on Wood Policy!!!

Keep Your Policies Updated

You should NOT rely on the sample policies alone. They are intended as a generic starting point for you to modify and adapt to suit your particular organisations needs. What works for a School P&C may not work for festival, and a registered sporting club that has a liquor licence for use at the club rooms will have different set of policy requirements.

OurCommunity constantly updates their sample policies as circumstances and laws change. You should review your own policies regularly — perhaps annually for major policies and every few years for minor policies. The Policy and Procedures Policy actually covers how policies can be adopted or changed and how frequently they should be reviewed.

Accessing the Policy Bank

Each sample policy is supplied as a Word Document, which can be downloaded form the Institute of Community Directors Australia website.

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