Using Zoom as a Presenter


Apple User Group University
Nicholas Pyers, in his role as Founder and Publisher of, joined Ann MacKay of Apple Charlestown User Group, Carol Fortlage of The Villages Apple User Group and Mike Kwasniak of Suffolk Mac User Group, along with host, Tom Piper of the Apple User Group Advisory Board to present “Using Zoom as a Presenter” at the online Apple User Group University on August 18, 2020 (Australian Time).

As Zoom conferences have become part of the ‘new normal’ we should look at ways of improving the quality, and professionalism, of our video conferences. Although the original audience of the AUGU webinar was obviously very Apple Mac centric, there are many ideas and suggestions that are suitable for all users of Zoom (and even other video conference packages).

The 96 minute presentation, along with a copy of Nicholas’ slides and the links he mentioned, can be viewed at the link below.

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Suggestions for Hardware

Since giving the presentation, Nicholas has become aware of some specials offered here in Australia by Kogan, that are cross platform compatible and work with Windows, Mac and Android, and we thought Community leaders in Junee might be interested in considering to improve their own video conferencing options.