Applying for Grants with Jessie Ballantyne from Grant Hub

Training Opportunities

As part of Latrobe City’s Let’s Talk Business Online Workshop Series, Jessie Ballantyne, from the Grants Hub, shares the knowledge that she has gained; offers some direction about exploring grant opportunities that you may be eligible for; and provides an overview on how to apply for grants.

What’s Covered?

In a 48 minute presentation, Jessie covers the following topics:

  1. Where can I find grants?
  2. Five Top Grant Tips
  3. Grant Guidelines
  4. Writing a Grant Application

Although this presentation focuses on Victorian grants, especially for businesses based within Latrobe City, there are still many useful hints and tips to be gained from this session about finding grants and how to apply for grants.


To watch the 48-minute pre-recorded presentation, simply click on the Play symbol below…

More resources from the Grant Hub

The Grants Hub has a wide range of resources for grant applicants, including:

  • How to start with Grants
  • Reading Grant Guideline
  • Five Top Grant Tips
  • How to turn Ideas in to ‘Projects’
  • Preparing your budget
  • Gathering your Information
  • The Importance of your Organisation’s Website
  • Grant Terminology (DGR, TTC, Auspice, In-Kind Support)

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