Corporate & Community Partnerships in Uncertain Times Webinar

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In this Live Show, you’ll hear from Corporate Partnerships Specialist Linda Garnett who has advised on hundreds of shared value partnerships between private sector and non-profits, alongside Stakeholder Engagement and Disaster Specialist Renae Hanvin who brings extensive experience running corporate partnerships and also advising across natural disaster recovery and resilience.

You’ll also hear from our inspiring case study… Linda Smith, Partnerships Lead, Beyond Blue
Linda will be sharing the ways in which Beyond Blue have navigated the changes with their existing partnerships, but also created new opportunities together since COVID-19 hit.

In this session, they’ll discuss the following questions:

  • How do I preserve my corporate partnerships in this difficult time?
  • What does the future landscape look like for corporate partnerships? Are they still worth the effort?
  • Should I still be looking for new opportunities in this crisis?
  • What sort of challenges are corporates facing at the moment and how can I offer them support?
  • Should I think about new directions and new stakeholders?
  • How can we do partnerships differently after all the recent disasters?

PLUS – Your questions answered. Come join in the Interactive Live Q&A.


Thursday, May 21, 2020


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