How to Recruit Your Nonprofit Board of Directors

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Robin Cabral, Chief Fundraising Coach and Nonprofit Strategist from Development Consulting Solutions, will show you how recruiting and onboarding can make the difference between a lackluster disengaged Board and an engaged one in this FREE webinar.

Nonprofit board recruitment is key to fundraising raising effectiveness — Nonprofit board development is THAT important!

Not just to the organization as a whole, but, how it directly impacts fundraising effectiveness.

A board dream team just does not appear. It needs to be systematically developed. You should have a good sense of the “gaps” in terms of skills, diversity and expertise on your board. Diversity refers to more than just ethnicity — It also includes things such as gender, age, geography, profession, expertise, connections and other affiliations.

Board recruitment is a process that should not be taking lightly. It all starts with composition. Get the right people on board from the start!


Thursday, July 2, 2020


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