Lockdown Learning with TAFE NSW [UPDATED]

Training Opportunities

TAFE NSW, in conjunction with the NSW Government, is offering a number of fee-free* short courses to all NSW residents*, but places are limited.

Courses are a mix of self-paced online or teacher-led virtual classrooms, which can pathway into a variety of full TAFE NSW qualifications.


These courses are free for those who meet the Smart and Skilled requirements for enrolment. To be eligible, you need to be:

  1. an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, Australian permanent humanitarian visa holder or New Zealand citizens.
  2. 15 years or over, no longer at school and living or working in NSW.
  3. You do not need to reside in an locked down Local Government Area (LGA).

There are a few terms and conditions

  1. You will be required to actively participate and progress in your course of study. TAFE NSW will review your eligibility to continue your studies in a fee-free* course if there are any prolonged periods of non-participation during your course of study.
  2. You can only enrol in one fee-free* course at a time.
  3. You cannot enrol if you are a TAFE NSW staff member or contractor.

* refer to the TAFE NSW website for more details

Courses Available

There are currently twenty different courses available. Some of the ones that could interest volunteers, and especially the committees, of local community groups and sporting clubs include:

  • Statement of Attainment in Building a Website
    Equips you with the skills to create a great website to promote your small business, hobby or personal interests. Every community group and sporting club should have a basic web site — this is an excellent opportunity to learn how simple this goal is to achieve!
  • Statement of Attainment in Social Media Engagement
    Equips you with the skills to promote a business. Focusing on Facebook, isolate your target markets, plan and post, then monitor and increase engagement. Again every group and club should be promoting themselves on Social Media and again this is a great opportunity to gain the skills to stand out!
  • Statement of Attainment in Business Administration – Computing Skills
    Empowers you to improve your technology skills and gain confidence in the world of business administration. Advance your career opportunities or build a pathway to your business study goals. As we need to manage more and more of our records and correspondence via computer, this is a great course to learn the basics!
  • Statement of Attainment in Digital Security Basics
    Equips you with the fundamental skills and knowledge in personal and organisational digital security. Learn to recognise cyber security risks and gain and introduction to computer networking concepts. As mentioned above, more and more of our community group records are now digital and often stored up in the cloud — learn how to protect YOUR organisations files!
  • Statement of Attainment in Producing Documents and Spreadsheets
    Builds high-value business support skills. Open up job prospects as an office administrator or executive assistant with design and production skills. Another great short course to understand the basics of applications like Word, Excel and Powerpoint!
  • Statement of Attainment in Small Business
    Pairs your entrepreneurship with foundational skills to ensure small business success. Learn to stand out in a competitive market, understand marketing, and gain from promotional activities. All the skills learn in this short course can easily be transferred to improving your local community group or sporting club!
  • Statement of Attainment in Business Skills for Supervisors
    Through a mix of theory and practical coursework, learn to: Plan and complete work schedules; Monitor work performance; Coordinate professional development; and Plan and produce documents. The skills learnt from this course can also be applied to working with volunteers in your organisation.
  • Statement of Attainment in Introduction to Accounting
    Perfect for those who want to understand accounting fundamentals. You will learn essential accounting skills including preparing routine financial documents and journal entries, posting journal entries to ledgers, preparing banking and reconciling financial receipts, identifying bad and doubtful debts and planning a recovery action. EVERY Committee member, NOT just the Treasurer, is legally responsible for the financial records of your community group or sporting club — learn the basics on how to understand and create basic accounting reports!
  • Statement of Attainment in Food Handling
    Provides you with practical skills for food handling work. Learn to use hygienic practices and take measures to prevent food contamination. We strongly recommend this course for EVERYONE who volunteers at BBQ fundraisers, cake stalls and similar events that require you to handle and serve food!

New courses, added Mid-September 2021, include

  • Statement of Attainment in Food Safety Supervision
    Through a mix of theory and practical coursework, learn to: Store food correctly; Prepare food safely; Prevent food contamination; Maintain a clean working environment; and Follow hygiene procedures and identify food hazards. We strongly recommend this course for EVERYONE who volunteers at BBQ fundraisers, cake stalls and similar events that require you to handle and serve food!
  • Statement of Attainment in Introduction to Community Services Industry
    Step into the world of community services, and through theory and practical course work learn to: Work with diverse groups of people; Form relationships with clients; Identify and respond to client needs; Provide understanding and specific advice; and Refer clients to other services.

Specific course starting dates and timings may apply to some of the above course lists. New courses and start dates are being added all the time.

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