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Training Opportunities

WordPress.com held a 1-hour webinar on How to Build an Impressive Website which covered best practices and guiding principles for creating an amazing website to help you build your brand and business.

Although WordPress promoted the webinar towards “small business and freelancers” most Community Groups have very similar needs from their website as a small business, so we suggest that this webinar could contain useful insights for local community and sporting groups looking at either creating their own website, or for those looking for tips on how to optimize your existing site.

You’ll be sure to walk away from the webinar with actionable tips you can implement to get the most out of your groups’ online presence.

Topics covered included;

  1. Setting up a basic website — with a:
    • Home page;
    • Services, Products or Portfolio Page
    • About Page
    • Contact Page
  2. Layouts
  3. Blocks for Businesses
    • Forms
    • Contact Info
    • Newsletter signup
  4. Make it Accessible
  5. Search Engine Optimisation — for Humans and Robots
    • Words and Phrases
    • Keyword tools
    • Competitors
    • Keyword Placement — Front End and Back End
    • SEO Tools
    • Google Verification
    • Site Statistics
  6. Make it Mobile-Friendly
    • AMP It Up — Accelerated Mobile Pages
  7. Accept Payments and Bookings Online
    • Appointment Booking
    • Online Payments
    • Recurring Payments

Hosts Steve Dixon and Kathryn Presner, WordPress.com Happiness Engineers, have many combined years of experience helping small-business owners create and launch successful websites. They’ll give you tips on site design, search engine optimization (SEO), monetization, and mobile optimization.

Regardless of if you already have a site or not, and even if your site wasn’t built on WordPress.com, you’ll get some useful tips on how to make an effective website for your community or sporting organisation.

View Webinar and Slides

The full webinar, along with the slides used and the Q&As, can be found at the link below.

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