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You want to change something? You need a campaign.

Campaigns are tough – you have to clarify your message, build support, network and collaborate, petition, communicate, secure media coverage and keep your troops fighting during the darkest hours.

And there will be emails – many, many emails. No wonder most campaigns fail.

Brett de Hoedt, the presenter for this webinar, has run campaigns ranging in scale from neighbourhood to national in voluntary and professional guises. He’s worked with 1000+ nonprofit clients and campaigned on planning, age care, mental health, international aid issues. He’s also been a part of two election campaigns for independent candidates. He is currently working on two campaigns – one to save the 7.45am ABC radio news bulletin and the other to recruit 50 new disability workers in Gippsland.

Benefit from Brett’s successes (and failures) as he talks about:

  • Campaign names, slogans and branding (bring on the alliteration)
  • Messaging and tone (how you say things matter)
  • Deciding your goals (victory comes in many forms)
  • Building a coalition (it’s time to network)
  • The use of online petitions (and their limitations)
  • Choosing the right tactics (Media? Demonstrations? Boycotts?)
  • Building a team (there’s a role for everybody)
  • The role of money (it’s like yeast), and
  • Choosing the right communications options (it’s not all about social media).

When & Cost

This FREE webinar will be live, on Monday, September 21, 2020 from 1:00pm to 2:15pm.

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