Webinar: Communications – Getting Cut Through, During, and After COVID-19

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In this Live Show, you’re going to hear from Brand Marketing Specialist Darren Taylor, an award-winning brand strategist and advisor, alongside Media and Public Relations Specialist Jodie Artis who has run her own PR agency for 20 years across hundreds of projects.

You’ll also hear from our inspiring case study… Jason Kimberley, MD, Cool Australia

Cool Australia’s strong brand prior to COVID-19 placed them in a unique position to respond to the increased demand for online education resources. Web registrations for the education provider skyrocketed 600% with the Cool Australia team supporting teachers, parents and students in the transition to e-learning. The organisation has been well ahead of the curve for many years, working online since 2008, with consistency and cut-through in their brand and communications. Jason will be able to share why all of that helped position the organisation and the strategies that have been in place to inspire others.

In this session, we’ll discuss the following questions:

  • How do we stand out in the ultra-cluttered market?
  • Our usual media, marketing and communication tactics are not working – what do we do?
  • Our budgets are being cut, where do we focus the investment now?
  • What are others doing to communicate well during COVID-19?
  • What are others doing now to set themselves up to embrace the upturn?

PLUS – Your questions answered. Come join in the Interactive Live Q&A.


Tuesday, May 26, 2020


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