Webinar: Diversify your fundraising

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Learn about the 7 pillars to prop up your fundraising strategy!

Many organisations run into trouble because they only have one or two sources of funding, or because they only have two or three people really involved in raising money. If any of the sources or any of the people go away, the organisation will likely find itself in trouble.

An organisation needs its funding to come from as many sources as possible. While it will continue to stand if one or even a few pillars are pulled away, it’s considerably weaker. Reduce the support base to just one pillar, and the organisation’s position becomes perilous.

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed the inefficiencies of relying on just one or two avenues of funding.

Join the Institute of Community Directors Australia’s Lisa Jennings for a free webinar which will take a in-depth look at the 7 pillars of fundraising all organisations should consider to prop up their fundraising strategy.

The FundingCentre’s Stefanie Ball will also join Lisa for an overview of the noticeable funding trends that have occurred throughout the crisis.


1:00pm — 1:45pm
Friday, May 22, 2020


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