Webinar: Navigating your way through Donor and Funder Relations

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In this Live Show, you’ll hear from Fundraising Specialists Teisha Archer and Kimberly Downes, who bring a combined 50 years’ experience in major gifts, capital campaigns and fundraising. As former Development Directors, they know exactly what it feels like for many fundraisers, CEOs and Boards right now, and able to share practical solutions and be a great strategic sounding board.

You’ll also hear from our inspiring case study… Belinda Collins, Director of Development, Swinburne

Belinda Collins will share why Swinburne decided not to shy away from their fundraising activities when COVID-19 hit, and why they have invested in these activities at a time when many organisations are cutting fundraising budgets. Belinda will talk about how she has rallied her team, the wider staff, executive and council to get behind a $2 million campaign focussed on supporting students, who otherwise might struggle to participate in higher education because of the pandemic. She will also share insights into donor and funder feedback on their efforts and reinforce that the greatest priority is connecting with and supporting donors through this period.

In this session, we’ll discuss the following questions:

  • Our Board is cutting our budget, where do we focus our investment?
  • Is our fundraising plan still valid, or do we need a re-write?
  • We were planning to launch our capital campaign, do we push forward?
  • End of financial year is coming, do we still ask and how do we ask?
  • Our cause has nothing to do with COVID19, is it OK to fundraise?

PLUS – Your questions answered. Come join in the Interactive Live Q&A.


Thursday, May 28, 2020


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